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RAMI (born 19 February 1990,) is a POP Singer from Hungary. Rami first gained professional success at age 17 with the release of her first acclaimed work "Szeress forrón!". She has overcome countless obstacles on her way up and continues to work hard each and every day to keep her musical journey moving forward.


Rami's talent was discovered in 2008 following a recording of her début song "Szeress Forrón!". That year Rami contracted with the record label mTon (Warner’s subsidiary), and she started working on her first album "Szeress Forrón!." Other early career successes include being selected as VIVA's first VIP Member. 


Later, Rami continued her musical studies in Rome and in Milan. Rami learned fluent Italian and collaborated with many professionals in Italy which included her cover of Enrico Caruso's song "Caruso".  


Currently, Rami collaborates with artists worldwide. Rami's most recent release is a cover of "Gloomy Sunday", a famous Hungarian ballad.

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