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“You should feel your way” 



RAMI (born 19 February 1990,)  is a POP Singer from Hungary. Rami first gained professional success aged 17 with the release of her first acclaimed work. (Szeress forrón!) She has overcome countless obstacles on the way up, and continues to work hard each and every day to keep her musical journey moving forward.

Early career success included being selected as  VIVA's first VIP Member. Her talent was discovered in 2008, following a studio record of her début song Szeress forrón. She signed a contract with the record company mTon (Warner’s subsidiary) in 2008 and she started to work on her first album right away.  

Szeress forrón! made number 2 in the VIVA Chart Show, and Rami showcased her first hit at the 2009 VIVA
COMET Awards. Her second video topped the charts in Hungary. Seeing her success, Hungarian fashion house Magenta
requested the singer to become the face of its new collection designed for young people in 2009.
In October 2010, she made her third video Miért sír a szél, My Love Is Not For Sale, shot in both English and
Hungarian. In February 2011, Rami’s first album Szeress forrón! was released.
At May 2011, at VIVA TV’s music awards ceremony VIVA COMET, she was a nominee in the Best Female
Performer category. In the meantime, Rami was working on her new English hit, The Fun Starts which  also quickly climbed the charts.  An acoustic version of the song also proved popular. Rami's  next single Puzzle, released in English and in Hungarian, has qualified for the semifinals of the Dal,, Eurovision Song Contest in Hungary. After that, she moved to Italy and started to work there. 

Rami continued her musical studies in Rome and Milan with the vocal coach Michele Fischietti. Rami learned fluent Italian and collaborated with many professionals in Italy inclining on her cover of Enrico Caruso's song Caruso

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